Book Review: Telecollaboration Applications in Foreign Language Classrooms




Telecollaboration; Foreign Language Classrooms; Pragmatics; Cultural Competence; Tandem Learning; Virtual Exchange


Telecollaboration Applications in Foreign Language Classrooms Edited by Sofia Di Sarno-García, Salvador Montaner-Villalba, and Ana Mª Gimeno-Sanz Published in 2023 by IGI Global Pages: 374 DOI: ISBN13: 9781668470800 Website    


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Author Biography

Timothy Ashe Jr, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dr. Timothy J. Ashe, Jr. (PhD, Arizona State) is an Assistant Professor of Spanish & Linguistics at the University of Alabama-Birmingham where he specializes in Second Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, and Virtual Exchange. He also holds master’s degrees in teaching Spanish as a World Language (Bilingual Education) and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) and has taught languages for over 13 years. His other research interests include study abroad immersion with MALL technology, bilingualism, online language course design, and intercultural competence and sensitivity in immersion environments.


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