“Integrating the Year Abroad” an integrative approach to Language Learning supported by WebCT ePortfolio


  • Cecilia Goria University of Nottingham




year abroad, integrative learning, WebCT, ePortfolio


This paper presents a case study on the role of ePortfolios in enhancing Integrative Learning within the context of the Year Abroad program. The Centre for Integrative Learning at the University of Nottingham has funded the project “Integrating the Year Abroad” which involves the creation and the development of a computer based portfolio template, the Year Abroad ePortfolio, to assist the students of Modern Languages who spend the third year of their studies in one or more foreign countries. The purpose of this paper is to outline how the ePortfolio created for the project takes the role of a learning and reflective tool promoting Integrative Learning within the context of a Year Abroad program and language learning.


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