Computer-assisted Cooperative Learning in EFL in Saudi Arabia


  • Yousef H. Al-Maini Imam University



EFL, computer-assisted co-operative learning, secondary education, Saudi Arabia


The Saudi education system is facing a climate of change characterized by an interest in integrating new technology and educational approaches to improve teaching and learning. In this climate, the present article explores the feasibility of introducing computer-assisted co-operative learning in government secondary schools in Unaizah, Saudi Arabia. In particular, it considers teacher experience with/attitudes towards such learning in teaching English as a foreign language; administrative support for such innovation and students' responses to a co-operative learning environment, based on interviews and observations. The author concludes that the introduction of computer-assisted co-operative learning in English, supported by appropriate training, could benefit both students and teachers and offers recommendations for its implementation.


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Author Biography

Yousef H. Al-Maini, Imam University

College of Languages and Translation


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