As-built graphic documentation of the Monumento a la Tolerancia. Validation of low-cost survey techniques

Sara Morena, Borja Molero Alonso, José Antonio Barrera-Vera, Salvatore Barba


The Monumento a la Tolerancia is an emblematic sculpture realized by Eduardo Chillida, a perfect example for the documentation of sculptures with uniform textures, non-reflective colours and with poorly elaborated shapes through the implementation of various photogrammetric tools, as well as using different applications for processing phase. The basic data are photos taken quickly and without an accurate previous study, which is why the implementation of any target was not foreseen. In order to prove the results different kind of analysis were conducted. The first type was carried out analysing the results obtained from different software, with the use of the same instrument. The second one was a comparison of the models obtained with different tools, elaborated with the same software and the last one a validation of photogrammetric model with the laser scanner one. The complete results will be presented and critically discussed to validate these tools and applications.

Palabras clave

architecture survey; 3D photogrammetry, point cloud; comparison; accuracy

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