The Mies van der Rohe exhibition at the MoMA in 1947: a 3D reconstruction model

Carlos Montes Serrano, David Durántez Stolle


Between 16 September 1947 and 25 January 1948 the Museum of Modern Art of New York hosted a Mies van der Rohe exhibition. This exhibition was made up of photo-murals, collages, drawings and photographs of his buildings. In addition; five scale models of commissions received in the United States and some of his pieces of furniture were on display. This article will study the graphical works selected by Mies and how they were laid out in the exhibition area, so as to enable the reproduction in the form of computer recreations of the spatial impressions received by visitors going around the site.

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Mies van del Rohe; Exhibition; MoMA; 1947

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