Teaching innovation system applied in business management subjects.

Rafael Rosillo, José Angel Miguel-Dávila, Carlos Fernández Robles, Montserrat Méndez Redondo


Inspired by the insights that are used in successful companies, the aim of this project is the use of games as a catalyst for training in different subjects, such as the successful game: Triviados (triviados.org). In order to reach this goal, we have the software of the company Blunder Solitions, SL (http://www.blunder.es). Software that is already used in companies such as Telecable, Nesspreso, Unilever, Pharmadus botanicals.

Traditional lectures do not fix long-term knowledge. Blunder creates a system of learning by mistake.The student answers about 5 questions in one minute and learns by playing. The tool uses the forgetting curve algorithm to fix long-term knowledge. By this way, the final test results improve.

Blunder offers a fun mobile training. We can know which student learns faster, learns more or learns better a particular topic. If a student plays the subject that the teacher has explained in class the level of learning affects to the final evaluation positively.


Learning; Blunder; forgetting curve.

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