Teamwork dynamics analysis as a teaching resource in operations management courses


  • Maria J. Oltra Mestre Universitat Jaume I
  • Cristina García Palao Universitat Jaume I
  • Marisa Flor Peris Universitat Jaume I



Learning, Teamworking, Competence, Action learning


Team working is a form to organize the work in numerosus production contexts and so an competence to be develop in students from several high educational courses. The objective of the work is to research on how to facilitate the teamworking competence development on operations management students. Action learning is use as methodology and student’s reflections are the base for making proposals which are mainly related with using process analysis as reference for the teams flow work analysis.


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Oltra Mestre, M. J., García Palao, C., & Flor Peris, M. (2017). Teamwork dynamics analysis as a teaching resource in operations management courses. WPOM-Working Papers on Operations Management, 8, 76–80.