Design and implementation of an ERP platform as practice environment for learning in Operations Management

Juan Manuel Maqueira Marín, José Moyano Fuentes, Sebastián Bruque Cámara, Pedro Nuñez-Cacho Utrilla


Given the increasing business use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, it is necessary to have such platforms for application in the teaching-learning process in Operations Management. However, the implementation of commercial solutions is not adequate due to its high cost and to exceed the conceptual learning function, which is the main objective of this software tool with the students of Operations Management. Due to this, in this work we present the design and implementation of an ERP platform based on Open Source software and virtualization technologies. The designed platform provides an economical and adequate solution for the conceptual teaching of ERP software through the development of practices that allows students to learn the operation of an ERP and modules such as inventory management, purchasing management or sales management, among others.


[learning]; Enterprise Resource Planning platform; practice environment for teaching

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