Impact of Green Initiatives on the Financial Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises: The Case of Manufacturing Firm in Central Luzon




Green Initiatives, Economic Growth, Social Development, Green Economic Development Plan, Financial Performance


This study was conducted to propose the Green Economic Development Plan for Manufacturing S.M.E.s based on financial performance and operations thru Green Initiatives. The descriptive survey method used to gather data to determine the green initiative's implementation of small and medium (S.M.E.s) manufacturing enterprises. Green initiatives use as a basis for crafting a green economic development plan.  Document analysis was also employed to obtain data from any available printed materials and records provided by the respondents.  Such methods of gathering information used to validate data gathered from local and foreign-related literature.  The observation also employed to survey the assets owned and validate any green initiatives practiced, including their implementation. The study's findings show that among the green initiatives implemented by SMMEs, which resulted in the reduction of total costs and expenses, were the proper disposal and segregation of waste materials, water management by recycling wastewater and using water-efficient equipment, natural resources, and raw materials management.  SMMEs should encourage active participation and support of suppliers and customers in achieving G.E.D.'s objectives by developing incentive schemes. Furthermore, SMMEs should continue to benchmark with G.E.D. Practitioners are operating locally and abroad to adopt best greening strategies and regularly network with concerned government agencies for continuous updating on G.E.D. Initiatives that may benefit the firm.  Further research may be conducted on green initiatives implemented by small and medium enterprises in other industry sectors.


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Author Biographies

Mª Teresa B. Alfaro, Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology

Graduate School Professor

Rowell Agliones Diaz, Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology

Business and Management Faculty


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