Partial flexible job shop scheduling considering preventive maintenance and priorities

Ameneh Farahani, Hamid Tohidi, Mehran khalaj, Ahmad Shoja


In this paper, a new mathematical programming model is proposed for a partial flexible job shop scheduling problem with an integrated solution approach. The purpose of this model is the assignment of production operations to machines with the goal of simultaneously minimizing operating costs and penalties. These penalties include delayed delivery, deviation from a fixed time point for preventive maintenance, and deviation from the priorities of each machine. Considering the priorities for machines in partial flexible job shop scheduling problems can be a contribution in closer to the reality of production systems. For validation and evaluation of the effectiveness of the model, several numerical examples are solved by using the Baron solver in GAMS. Sensitivity analysis is performed for the model parameters. The results further indicate the relationship between scheduling according to priorities of each machine and production scheduling.


Flexible job shop; Preventive maintenance; Priorities; Scheduling

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