Protocol: A Meta-Review on continuous improvement to know the state of this research field


  • Lidia Sanchez-Ruiz Universidad de Cantabria
  • Juan A. Marin-Garcia Universitat Politècnica de València
  • Beatriz Blanco Universidad de Cantabria



Continuous improvement, kaizen, meta-review, literature review, protocol


Continuous improvement is a concept that has been widely studied from multiple perspectives during the last decades. However, new studies on the topic appear because it seems that there are still questions to be resolved. Therefore, the key question is what future research lines should be developed. As such, the possibility of carrying out a systematic review of literature was raised. However, given the high number of systematic reviews published in recent years, the final objective of this paper is to perform a meta-review of the concept of continuous improvement. Therefore, this study presents the research protocol followed to perform a meta-review of the concept of continuous improvement; being the main objective of the meta-review to know the state of this field of study and to find out where future research should be oriented.


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Author Biographies

Lidia Sanchez-Ruiz, Universidad de Cantabria

Dpto. de Organización de Empresas

Juan A. Marin-Garcia, Universitat Politècnica de València

ROGLE. Dpto. de Organización de Empresas

Beatriz Blanco, Universidad de Cantabria

Dpto. de Organización de Empresas


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Sanchez-Ruiz, L., Marin-Garcia, J. A., & Blanco, B. (2018). Protocol: A Meta-Review on continuous improvement to know the state of this research field. WPOM-Working Papers on Operations Management, 9(2), 88–111.




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