The dream of space produces forms

Ignacio García Pedrosa, Ángela García de Paredes de Falla


The dream of space produces forms is a study on space as the place that most surprises and excites us in architecture. Space understood as an invention of three-dimensional shapes that particularly show their ability to provide above justified needs, the possibility of revising the way they are used.

By abstracting these spaces from their environment and context, we seek through this study to explore the relationship between the section and the volume of the space, and in doing so, recognize the design mechanisms, whether rational or intuitive, that we have used in establishing the spatial layout. We are aware that this thought on the actual project experience must be part of the architect´s work, and that it ultimately represents the search for the givens and constants that are present in the architecture of any time or place.


Architecture; Moretti; interior; space; form

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