Educational Activities for Acquiring Skills in the EEES adapted Degrees

Santiago Tolosa, Antonio Hidalgo, Evaristo A. Ojalvo, Agustina Guiberteau


The main objective of this paper is to describe the performance of a serial of training activities focused on the acquisition of skills by different groups of undergraduate students related to science as a branch of knowledge. Specifically, we used those activities where students receive knowledge, such as theoretical classes (T), computational (PC) and laboratory (PL) sessions, exercises (P), ECTS tutorials and bachelor thesis (TFG). Among the different activities, it must also be highlighted the undergraduate dissertation. The activities were conducted in different courses of the Chemistry degree of the University of Extremadura, in order to obtain information from the different competences that appear in the verification report of this title. Finally, the students filled out a survey giving their opinion about the skills acquired in each of the activities.

The results of the experience is that students achieve most of the skills considered in the title. Likewise, the results from the activities considered show that not all skills are achieved and other activities should be considered to cover those deficiencies. The activity that most contributes to the acquisition of transversal competences are laboratory practices, while for specific skills, the activities developed with large group of students (T and P) are the most significant. TFG is the activity that best covers most of competences, especially Basic and General.



Teaching Methodologies; Innovation in Education; Applied Sciences. Education Competences; Formative Activities

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Mª Dolores Montagud Mascarell, Juan Luis Gandía Cabedo (2015). Adquisición de Competencias, actividades formativas y resultados de aprendizajes. Estudios sobre educación, 28, 79-116.

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