MATLAB as a tool as Analysis and Problem Solving Competency Development in Chemical Engineering Degree using MATLAB

Maria-Fernanda López-Pérez, S. C. Cardona, J. Lora, A. Abad


Analysis and solving problems is a Chemical Engineering student capability. In order to develop this ability, activities that encompass problem-solving by students may involve problems in real-world settings.

In Chemical Engineering degree, MATLAB is a numerical software package that helps in the process of designing, evaluating and implementing a strategy to answer an open-ended question or achieve a desired goal.  In this context, Matlab is software used in process simulation. Several lectures of Escuela Politécnica Superior d’Alcoi presented an innovation and improvement educational research project (PIME) in order to used MATLAB, like coordination teaching tool between some subjects.

The principal purpose of this work is the students improvement using, as has been mentioned previously, MATLAB in a problem-based learning methodology. This methodology allows a more effective coordination in the degree. The present paper presents a real- world problem and the common elements of most problem-solving contexts and how is designed to function across all disciplines.


Analysis and solving problems; problem-solving learning; MATLAB; coordination

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