Development of generic and strategic skills through a wiki platform in industrial engineering programs

L. Celorrio-Barragué, A. Lopes-Ramalho, M.R. Calvete Gaspar


This paper describes the collaborative learning task carried out in the framework of a Strength of Materials course in an undergraduate degree program in Industrial Engineering using a wiki platform as a support tool. Stages of the teaching/learning process are described. These are: organization of the wiki to host the work of student groups, creation of working groups and assignation of projects, delivery of guidance material and model, editing the project and publishing pages on the wiki, assessments performed using rubrics, and the results obtained. The wiki platform provides interesting statistics for evaluating cooperation between students and time variation of students’ effort. The final quality of the projects is very high because a midterm evaluation in the form of a “peer review rubric” is carried out. Then, students improve their projects. The paper concludes by gathering the opinions made by students; the benefits provided by this teaching experience are then analyzed.


Wikis; cooperative learning; transversal competences; group working; rubrics

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