Dimensions of critical thinking in workplace management & personal development: a conceptual analysis





critical thinking, problem solving, judgement, decision making, communication


Globalization has caused a massive impact in the speed and nature of business all around the world. Workplace setups have grown extremely complicated and job roles have become complex. Employees suffer a hard time at workplaces as communication patterns have become increasingly intricate. Decisions made by others are no more relied on and problems have turned more crucial than ever. Judgements are expected to be drawn faster and communication crystal clear. In such a rapidly moving business world, employees are provided with only limited space and opportunities for personal growth and development. In short, the exit gate remains open for the one who does not prove to be befitting each of the complexities in business world. At this expository point, employees are required to view different problems differently and create variable approaches towards finding the solutions of the problems. The need of such powerful skill set is required not only to create a powerful vision at the workplace but also to develop other sub skills set in oneself. This paper studies on developing critical thinking skills to make careful judgements, make proper decisions, solve complex problems and wipe out the basic inability to communicate appropriately especially at workplaces. This paper provides ways to foster better workplace management and personal development especially for the employees at workplaces through critical thinking. 


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Author Biography

Mitashree Tripathy, Sri Sri University

Dr.Mitashree Tripathy

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies

Sri Sri University, Cuttack, India

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1181-6369

Researcher IDQ-3693-2017


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