Re-designing of hair clipper using design for manufacturing and assembly




DFMA, hair clipper, boothroyd dewhurst, trimmer, design efficiency


Evaluating the product functions and associating them with the manufacturing technique is crucial to reducing the manufacturing cost. Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) is a concurrent engineering technique that plays a vital role in redesigning of existing product or service by reducing its manufacturing and assembly cost and time, have the desired level of quality and reliability. In this research work is apply DFMA on existing hair clipper and decrease the net manufacturing cost of the hair clipper. Hair clipper is very popular for at-home use and is seen as an essential tool in hair grooming. The analysis of design for manufacturing and assembly is done using guideline of Boothroyd Dewhurst DFMA. The components of the Hair clipper were undergone alteration by using DFMA and redesigned approaches. In the same platform, the actual model had the redesign. The assembly time for redesign exhibited an enhancement of 49.25% where the assembly time was decreased from 322.91s to 163.81s and design efficiency was improved 7.219% from 7.432% to 14.651%. Hence, the best design of hair clipper was made which is having optimal value is achieved.  


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Author Biographies

Abhishek Prasad, National Institute of Technology Goa

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Rahul Jadhav , National Institute of Technology Goa

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Tarun Kasireddi , National Institute of Technology Goa

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Pravin Pawar, National Institute of Technology Goa

Department of Mechanical Engineering


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