Automation of material cost comparative analysis report using VBA Excel: a case of footwear company of Lahore


  • Muhammad Ahmed Kalwar Shafi Private Limited, Lahore
  • Asif Nawaz Wassan Mehran UET
  • Zuhaib Phul Sindh Madressa-tul-Islam University
  • Muzamil Hussain Wadho BBSUTSD
  • Tanveer Sarwar Malik Starlet Innovations Limited
  • Muhammad Ali Khan Mehran UET



Material Cost, Footwear, Shoe Costing, Cost Comparison


Small and medium-sized firms in developing countries perform the majority of all reporting tasks in Microsoft excel. The material cost comparative analysis (MCCA) report took the user 58.51 minutes to complete and there was also a higher likelihood of calculation error. The report was created in Microsoft excel by the Lahore-based ABC footwear business. This used to take a lot of time to produce and there was a higher chance that the report would contain errors. This is because Microsoft excel visual basic for applications was used to automate the report. This report's manual preparation method was compiled by the company’s planning and costing division. Each activity was listed, followed by the completion of a time study. VBA macros were built in Excel to automate all manual report-related tasks and reduce the possibility of human error. Conditional statements were applied to help automated decision-making. To enable command buttons to run macros, one user form was created. There were various worksheets included in the MCA template. The automated template was found to consume only 16.26 minutes and it was quicker than the current technique.


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Author Biographies

Muhammad Ahmed Kalwar, Shafi Private Limited, Lahore


Asif Nawaz Wassan, Mehran UET

PhD. Research Scholar, Industrial Engineering & Management, Faculty of Engineering

Zuhaib Phul, Sindh Madressa-tul-Islam University

Research Scholar, Computer Science

Muzamil Hussain Wadho, BBSUTSD

Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Tanveer Sarwar Malik, Starlet Innovations Limited

Executive Officer (Planning & Costing)

Muhammad Ali Khan, Mehran UET

Industrial Engineering & Management, Faculty of Engineering


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