Analysis of various polymer parts in contact with biodiesel

Miguel Moreno, Alberto Calio, Nancy Quaranta, Adrian Cristobal


In this paper, several parts consisting of polymeric materials are studied, in order to determine if they are affected when they are kept in contact with biodiesel at constant temperature and pressure. The samples used are constituted by polymers of silicone (S), acrylonitrile (AN) and propylene hexafluor (Viton-V7). These materials have been selected for investigation because they form part of an industrial process in which they are used, and have been observed early wear characteristics thereof. They consist of seals and cords which are in contact with biodiesel. These materials were kept immersed in biodiesel at atmospheric pressure at a temperature of 40°C for time periods up to 120 days. Virgins tested ones are characterized by various techniques: OM, SEM, XRD, DTA-TGA, among others. Viton sample was the least affected by treatment, while the acrylonitrile sample is the one that has shown the greatest variations.


biodiesel; polymers; wear; silicone; acrylonitrile

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