Integration of FMECA and statistical snalysis for predictive maintenance


  • Rabia Ghani National University of Sciences & Technology - NUST PNEC



FMECA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis), Rayleigh Distribution, Predictive Maintenance, BOPP Production Line, Bearings, Time to Failure


The estimation of time-to-failure of machines is of utmost importance in the Manufacturing Industry. As the world is moving towards Industry 4.0, it is high time that we progress from the traditional methods, where we wait for a breakdown to occur, to the prognostics based methods. It is the need of the era to be aware of any incident before it occurs. This study provides application of Statistical-based Predictive maintenance. A BOPP Production line has been considered as a case study for this research. Since the inception of the line in 2013, it is evident that 60% of breakdowns are due to lack of maintenance and timely replacement of bearings. Therefore, the research is based on the application of FMECA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis) to determine which bearing in the production line is most prone to failure and determination of which statistical model best fits the failure data of the most critical bearing. The result provides the best distribution fit for the failure data and the fit can be utilized for further study on RUL (Remaining Useful Life) of the bearing through Bayesian Inference.


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Author Biography

Rabia Ghani, National University of Sciences & Technology - NUST PNEC

Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering


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