A MILP for multi-machine injection moulding sequencing in the scope of C2NET Project

Beatriz Andres, Raquel Sanchis, Raúl Poler, Manuel Díaz-Madroñero, Josefa Mula


The goal of C2NET European H2020 Funded Project is the creation of cloud-enabled tools for supporting the SMEs supply network optimization of manufacturing and logistic assets based on collaborative demand, production and delivery plans. In the scope of C2NET Project, and particularly in the Optimisation module (C2NET OPT), this paper proposes a novel holistic mixed integer linear programing (MILP) model to optimise the injection sequencing in a multi-machine case. The results of the MILP will support the production planner decision-making process in the calculation of (i) moulds setup in certain machines, and (ii) the amount of products to produce in order to minimise the setup, inventory, and backorders costs. The designed MILP takes part of the algorithms repository created in C2NET European Funded Project to solve realistic industry planning problems. The MILP is verified in realistic data considering three data sets with different sizes, in order to test it’s the computation efficiency.


MILP; sequencing; injection; moulds; multi-machine; automotive

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1. A capacitated lot-sizing model with sequence-dependent setups, parallel machines and bi-part injection moulding
Josefa Mula, Manuel Díaz-Madroñero, Beatriz Andres, Raul Poler, Raquel Sanchis
Applied Mathematical Modelling  vol: 100  first page: 805  year: 2021  
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