An adaptive differential evolution algorithm to solve the multi-compartment vehicle routing problem: A case of cold chain transportation problem




Adaptive differential evolution algorithm, cold chain transportation network, metaheuristics, multi-compartment vehicle routing problem


This research paper introduces an adaptive differential evolution algorithm (ADE algorithm) designed to address the multi-compartment vehicle routing problem (MCVRP) for cold chain transportation of a case study of twentyeight customers in northeastern Thailand. The ADE algorithm aims to minimize the total cost, which includes both the expenses for traveling and using the vehicles. In general, this algorithm consists of four steps: (1) The first step is to generate the initial solution. (2) The second step is the mutation process. (3) The third step is the recombination process, and the final step is the selection process. To improve the original DE algorithm, the proposed algorithm increases the number of mutation equations from one to four. Comparing the outcomes of the proposed ADE algorithm with those of LINGO software and the original DE based on the numerical examples In the case of small-sized problems, both the proposed ADE algorithm and other methods produce identical results that align with the global optimal solution. Conversely, for larger-sized problems, it is demonstrated that the proposed ADE algorithm effectively solves the MCVRP in this case. The proposed ADE algorithm is more efficient than Lingo software and the original DE, respectively, in terms of total cost. The proposed ADE algorithm, adapted from the original, proves advantageous for solving MCVRPs with large datasets due to its simplicity and effectiveness. This research contributes to advancing cold chain logistics with a practical solution for optimizing routing in multi-compartment vehicles.


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Author Biographies

Supaporn Sankul, Khonkaen University

Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Naratip Supattananon, Rajamangala University of Technology Isan

Department of Welding Technical Education, Faculty of Technical Education

Raknoi Akararungruangkul, Khonkaen University

Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Narong Wichapa, Kalasin University

Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Technology


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