The factors of competitiveness management of manufacturing enterprise personnel in conditions of uncertainty




Competitiveness, Personnel competitiveness, Manufacturing enterprise, Uncertainty, COVID-19, Martial law in Ukraine


Personnel competitiveness has always been one of the main advantages of any production enterprise. Therefore, competitiveness management of production enterprise personnel is one of the most foreground types of management. And that is the reason why this article has pretty high relevance. The article covers the most widespread issues and difficulties of personnel management implementation nowadays, considering current complicated conditions of uncertainty, which become increasingly sophisticated every time. Moreover, our study demonstrates some possible ways for production enterprises to overcome existing obstacles and become ready for new ones in conditions of uncertainty. As COVID-19 and martial law in Ukraine with their restrictions have contributed to the way of personnel management realization, many production enterprises have been suffering because of that and have been forced to change their management principles to meet the new conditions. Therefore, the latest theories of personnel competitiveness management are introduced in our science study to help production enterprises cope with the changing conditions of uncertainty in the modern world.


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Author Biographies

K.V. Kovtunenko, Odessа Polytechnic National University

 IMI department

Yu.V. Kovtunenko, Odessа Polytechnic National University

IMI department

N.M. Fomina, Odessа Polytechnic National University

 IMI department

O.V. Kovalchuk, Odessа Polytechnic National University

IMI Department

D.Yu. Kovtunenko, Odessа Polytechnic National University

IMI Department


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Kovtunenko, K., Kovtunenko, Y., Fomina, N., Kovalchuk, O., & Kovtunenko, D. (2022). The factors of competitiveness management of manufacturing enterprise personnel in conditions of uncertainty. International Journal of Production Management and Engineering, 10(2), 225–235.