Lean six sigma implementation, a systematic literature review





lean manufacturing, DMAIC, Lean-Six Sigma, Six-Sigma, VSM


Organizations must be able to meet customer needs in today’s complex market situation and business environment, the needs and essentials for their satisfaction such as high product quality, competitive costs and faster delivery. Organization need to apply a comprehensive concept and method on managing this requirement. This systematic review intends to identify how Lean Six sigma implementation in many industries. Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a method that has been widely used in research in various fields and continues to grow, to get the most common solution it is necessary to review the method. This research is to observe concept and method still relevant to be use and effectively improved the business performance and customer satisfaction. For the identity of the LSS Papers, a total of 50 research papers were reviewed which met the criteria, Research object, country of research and year of publication and Result of research. The result show that LSS is still being used and successfuly help the organization to improve their competitiveness, improve quality, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, increase productivity, and increase employee morale.


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Author Biographies

Salmon Tampubolon, Mercu Buana University

Industrial Engineering Department

H. H. Purba, Mercu Buana University

Industrial Engineering Department


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