Focus and Scope

Economia Agraria y Recursos Naturales – Agricultural and Resource Economics aims at providing a forum for dissemination and discussion of scientific, technological and methodological innovations in agricultural and natural resource economics.

The Journal covers a wide range of issues with focus on providing insights and solutions on current challenges of rural and food economies, from local and global perspectives. The Journal also explores the links between the richness of the natural environment and agricultural, forestry and fishing practices.

In order to achieve the Journal’s goals, some topics covered are given by the following examples or by the links among them.

• Food Systems

• Agricultural and Resource Policies

• Agricultural trade and markets

• Land use

• Rural Development and Population

• Poverty and development

• Nutrition and food products

• Forest Resources

• Fisheries and Marine Resources

• Climate adaptation and mitigation

• Environmental Economics, pollution of soil, water and air

• Fragmentation of habitats

• Agrobiodiversity

• Water Economics

• Value Chain Governance

• Social and Technological Innovations

• Rural extension

• Bio and circular economy

• Demand Analysis

• Business Management

• Agri-food cooperatives

• Food Marketing

• Operational Research and Multi-criteria decision

Sound conceptual basis and evidence-based analysis are expected from a diversity of approaches than can include quantitative or qualitative methodologies dealing with the whole food chain and the complexity of rural systems, including the link with development and envirnmental challenges.

Although specialized agri-food economic articles can find a place in the journal, inter-disciplinary approaches are welcome, with links between economics, social and political sciences. The journal also welcomes applied research on interdependences between rural and food systems, environmental challenges, nutrition, marine resources, innovation policies, poverty and regional systems. Papers with social research applied to local rural and food systems are also within the Journal’s interest, but always with clear innovative methodological approaches and a beyond state of art justification.

Review papers are also opportune if they cover the state of art in groundbreaking topics. Special issues’ proposals are also of interest for the journal.