A consumer behaviour approach to analyse the sustainability of food purchasing


  • Laura Martinez-Carrasco Martínez Universidad Miguel Hernández
  • Margarita Brugarolas Mollá-Bauzá Universidad Miguel Hernández
  • Andrea Gascón Mora Universidad Miguel Hernández




Age, Purchase choice, Plastic packaging, Segmentation, Sustainability


In this study, a survey has been carried out to analyse the purchase choice regarding several packaging options of four basic foods (water, milk, bread and meat). We conducted a segmentation by age to analyse whether the purchasing behaviour changes depending on this variable, and whether it is related to environmental attitudes measured on the New Ecological Paradigm (NEP) scale and to recycling behaviour. Among the results we found that, although young people seem to be slightly more environmentally aware, this does not translate into more sustainable purchases.


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Author Biographies

Laura Martinez-Carrasco Martínez, Universidad Miguel Hernández

Dpto. Economía Agroambiental, Ingeniería Cartográfica y Expresión Gráfica en la Ingeniería

Margarita Brugarolas Mollá-Bauzá, Universidad Miguel Hernández

Dpto. Economía Agroambiental, Ingeniería Cartográfica y Expresión Gráfica en la Ingeniería

Andrea Gascón Mora, Universidad Miguel Hernández

Dpto. Economía Agroambiental, Ingeniería Cartográfica y Expresión Gráfica en la Ingeniería


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