2003 CAP Reform. An assessment of its impact on the surface, rainfed yields and crop diversity in Spain

Jorge Ruiz, Isabel Bardají, Alberto Garrido, Eva Iglesias


This article evaluates the impacts of the 2003 CAP reform and the implementation of the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) on surface, rainfed crops’ yields and crops diversification in Spain. Using surface data, a statistical analysis is performed to isolate the effect of the SPS with respect to the tendency of the period 1995-2009. Moreover, the impact on the yields of the major rainfed production is analyzed. Finally, an analysis of the production diversity is carried out. Since the introduction of the single payment, the reform has accentuated the response on the market of rainfed crops, which are characterized by a concentration and intensification of production. It had also significant negative effects in the Total Arable Land, including total rainfed and irrigated components.


Spanish agriculture; CAP; Single Payment

Subject classification

Q18, C32, C33.

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