Adapting agriculture to climate change

Ana Iglesias, Sonia Quiroga, Agustín Diz, Luis Garrote


We evaluate the potential impacts and measure the potential limits of adaptation of agri culture to climate change. Pressures on land and water resources are expected to intensify existing risks in low latitude areas – e.g., South-East Asia deltas – and in regions with current water scarcity – e.g. Mediterranean, and create new opportunities in some northern temperate areas – e.g., Northern Russia, Northern Europe. The need to respond to these risks and opportunities is addressed by evaluating the costs and benefits of a number of technical and policy actions. The discussion aims to assist stakeholders facing the adaptation challenge and develop measures to reduce the vulnerability of the sector to climate change.


Adaptation; Climatic change; Global production; Mitigation

Subject classification

C51, C53, Q17, Q18.

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