The effect of intensification on dairy farm efficiency


  • Antonio Álvarez Pinilla Universidad de Oviedo
  • Julio del Corral Universidad de Oviedo
  • José Antonio Pérez Méndez Universidad de Oviedo
  • Daniel Solís Universidad de Miami



Cluster analysis, efficiency, ex ante cost function, intensification


This study analyzes the differences on production cost associated with the intensification of production for a sample of dairy farms in Asturias. In doing so, we account for two methodological issues which are not usually considered in the empirical literature. On the one hand, we allow for different technologies within the sample. On the other hand, we estimate ex ante cost functions, which use ‘planned output’ instead of the traditional ex post approach which uses the ‘observed output’. Our results show a positive relation between intensification and efficiency.


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Author Biographies

Antonio Álvarez Pinilla, Universidad de Oviedo

Dep. de Economía

Julio del Corral, Universidad de Oviedo

Dep. de Economía

José Antonio Pérez Méndez, Universidad de Oviedo

Dep. de Administración de Empresas y Contabilidad
U. de Oviedo

Daniel Solís, Universidad de Miami

División de Asuntos y Políticas Marinas, RSMAS
U. de Miami.


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