Information networks and agricultural innovation systems: towards a new approach to local rural extension




Rural extension, Information networks, roles, innovation systems


Rural extension has evolved from a traditional linear approach, towards a systemic model that involves the participation of public and private actors, configuring innovation systems. In this systemic interaction, information network structures are formed where producers establish links with various actors, both local and external to the territory. From the analysis of these networks, it was possible to identify key actors, determining the roles of promoter of innovations, opinion leader, facilitator intermediary and broker intermediary. The identification of actors and their function allows the implementation of a rural extension model at a local scale.


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Author Biographies

Carlos Julián Ramírez-Gómez, Universidad de Caldas

Departamento de Desarrollo Rural

Venancio Cuevas Reyes, Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales, Agrícolas y Pecuarias

Campo Experimental Valle de México (INIFAP)


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