Systematic Review: Analysis of the economic modeling of biodiversity in rural agricultural households, recommendations for future reports

Ivonne F. Reyes-Mandujano, Francisco J. Fernández, Waldemar Mercado, Luz Goméz, Roberto D. Ponce


The Farm-Household models have been used to analyze ex-ante different policies; however, the state of the art is unknown in relation to the evaluation of biodiversity within these models. For this reason, a systematic review on Farm-Household models that integrate the “biodiversity” variable is required. For this purpose, we consulted a specialized search engine, applying a generic search strategy, which identified 1420 articles, of which only 23 were selected based on specific inclusion criteria. There is a gap in the evaluation of biodiversity within Farm-Household models.


Bioeconomics; biodiversity conservation; farm household

Subject classification

Q57; Q12

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