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Agricultural and Resource Economics is the journal of the Spanish Association of Agricultural Economics. It is published on a semiannual basis since 2001. This publication aims to provide a forum for dissemination and discussion of scientific, technological and technical developments in agricultural and natural resource economics.

Inter-disciplinary approaches are welcome, with links between economics, social and political sciences. The journal's scope includes applied research on rural and food systems, environmental challenges, nutrition, consumer's behaviour,  innovation, poverty, regional systems, marine resources and agri-food policies. Papers with social research applied to local rural and food systems are also within the Journal’s interest.

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Announcement: Issue 19(2) has been published

We are glad to announce that the Vol. II of the Special Issue:  Facing rural depopulation through interdisciplinarity Issue, 19(2) of Economía Agraria y Recursos Naturales –Agricultural and Resource Economics has been published.  
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Announcement: Reviewers 2019


Alberto Bernues

Alejandra Mengler

Alejandro Espinoza

Almudena Gomez Ramos

Amilcar Arzubi

Ana Firmino

Ana Iglesias

Andrés Picazo

Artur Aparici

Azahara Mesa

Barbara Soriano

Beatriz Lopez

Berta Sanchez

Carles Sanchis

Carlos Parra

Cleidson Nogueira Dias

Diego Azqueta

Dionisio Ortiz

Eduardo Medeiros

Eladio Ernalte

Fernando Garrido

Francisco Javier Mesías

Guadalupe Ramos

Irene Blanco

Javier  Esparcia

Javier Calatrava

Jordi Rosell

José Antonio Gómez Limón

José Luis Ramos

José María García Álvarez-Coque 

Juan José Rubert

Juan Manuel García Samaniego

Juan Sapena

Julio Berbel

Luis Camarero

Luis Miret Pastor

Luis Pérez y Pérez

Luis Saez

Luisa Alama

Macario Rodríguez-Entrena

Marco Aparicio

Margarita Brugarolas

Margarita Rico

María Jesús Such

María Luisa Marti

María Valles

Martín Alba

Melania Salazar

Mercedes Sánchez

Montserrat Pareja

Natalia Lajara-Camilleri

Norat Roig

Patricio Calonge

Pedro Cerrada

Pedro Sanchez Zamora

Pilar Martínez

Raul Compés

Rita Grandinetti

Roberto Cervelló

Roberto Jara

Rodolfo Bernabeu

Rosa Gallardo

Rosmery Ramos

Ruben Echevaría

Salvador Calvet

Salvador Saz

Samir Mili

Sazcha Marcelo Olivera

Sergio Colín

Silverio Alarcón

Teresa Martínez

Teresa Santiago

Tomas Garcia Azcarate

Vicent Querol

Vicente Budi

Vicente Estruch

Vicente Pinilla

Víctor Ávila Akeberg

Xavier Gines

Yesid Aranda Camacho


Posted: 2020-01-08

Announcement: “Facing of rural depopulation through interdisciplinarity”. Special Issue, Vol. II

It is a pleasure to introduce this second volume of Economia Agraria y Recursos Naturales/Agricultural and Resource Economics (EARN, 19-2) dedicated to the problem of rural depopulation. While the previous volume offered a general diagnosis and a general framework of depopulation and rural migration processes, this volume contemplates these processes from fundamentally the perspective of specific territorial systems and local markets. Thus, two papers attempt to understand the mechanisms of local cooperation that offer viable solutions to rural territories, as evidenced by the Leader initiative or the cooperation between local communities. Second, other articles focus on specific territorial systems, including the provision of public and private goods, the generational change in silvopastoral systems, the rights of migrant workers, and the more or less successful strategies for diversification towards tourism.  Finally, an article provides an overview of the relationship between income convergence and depopulation. Published papers touch three countries: Chile, Mexico and Spain.

Again, as in all issues of the journal, contributions were selected after an anonymous evaluation process. The editors acknowledge the support received by the Catedra AVANT on rural depopulation of the Generalitat Valenciana, the press edition work by Cajamar Foundation, the support of the Spanish Association of Agricultural Economics, as well as the collaboration of CEIGRAM and the UPV Editorial

Luisa Alamá Sabater, Universitat Jaume I e Instituto de desarrollo local (IIDL)
José M. García Álvarez-Coque, Universitat Politècnica de València

Posted: 2019-12-18

Announcement: Revista Mexicana de Agronegocios

Posted: 2018-12-24

Announcement: Ager No 27 - October 2019

Posted: 2019-12-19 More...

Announcement: Historia Agraria Nº 79 - December 2019  
Posted: 2019-12-19 More...

The Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research


The Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research has published its latest issue at
Posted: 2019-06-13 More...

EARN included in ESCI

EARN included in the new Thomson Reuters database, Web of Science (WoS), Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).
Posted: 2016-09-07

Renewal quality label FECYT 2018


Economía Agraria y Recursos Naturales-Agricultural and Resource Economics has been approved in the 2018 Call for the Renovation of Quality Label.

This is a label granted by an external review following excellence criteria for edition and science quality.

Posted: 2019-06-13
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