k-semistratifiable spaces and expansions of set-valued mappings


  • Peng-Fei Yan Wuyi University
  • Xing-Yu Hu Wuyi University
  • Li-Hong Xie Wuyi University




locally bounded set-valued mappings, k-MCM spaces, k-semistratifiable spaces, lower semi-continuous (l.s.c.), k-upper semi-continuous (k-u.s.c.)


In this paper, the concept of k-upper semi-continuous set-valued mappings is introduced. Using this concept, we give characterizations of k-semistratifiable and k-MCM spaces, which answers a question posed by Xie and Yan.


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Author Biographies

Peng-Fei Yan, Wuyi University

School of Mathematics and Computational Science

Xing-Yu Hu, Wuyi University

School of Mathematics and Computational Science

Li-Hong Xie, Wuyi University

School of Mathematics and Computational Science


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P.-F. Yan, X.-Y. Hu, and L.-H. Xie, “k-semistratifiable spaces and expansions of set-valued mappings”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 145–153, Apr. 2018.



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