Best proximity points of contractive mappings on a metric space with a graph and applications

Asrifa Sultana, V. Vetrivel


We establish an existence and uniqueness theorem on best proximity point for contractive mappings on a metric space endowed with a graph. As an application of this theorem, we obtain a result on the existence of unique best proximity point for uniformly locally contractive mappings. Moreover, our theorem subsumes and generalizes many recent  fixed point and best proximity point results.


Fixed point; best proximity point; contraction; graph; metric space; P-property.

Subject classification

54H25; 47H10.

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1. On Best Proximity Point Theorems in Locally Convex Spaces Endowed with a Graph
B. Saadaoui, S. Lazaiz, M. Aamri
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences  vol: 2020  first page: 1  year: 2020  
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