Asymptotic structures of cardinals

Oleksandr Petrenko, Igor V. Protasov, Sergii Slobodianiuk


A ballean is a set X endowed with some family F of its subsets, called the balls, in such a way that (X,F)  can be considered as an asymptotic counterpart of a uniform topological space. Given a cardinal k, we define F using a natural order structure on k. We characterize balleans up to coarse equivalence, give the criterions of metrizability and cellularity, calculate the basic cardinal invariant of these balleans. We conclude the paper with discussion of some special ultrafilters on cardinal balleans.


cardinal balleans; coarse equivalence; metrizability; cellularity; cardinal invariants; ultrafilter.

Subject classification

54A25; 05A18.

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1. Ultrafilters on Balleans
I. V. Protasov, S. V. Slobodianiuk
Ukrainian Mathematical Journal  vol: 67  issue: 12  first page: 1922  year: 2016  
doi: 10.1007/s11253-016-1200-y

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