Duality and quasi-normability for complexity spaces

Salvador Romaguera, M.P. Schellekens


The complexity (quasi-metric) space was introduced in [23] to study complexity analysis of programs. Recently, it was introduced in [22] the dual complexity (quasi-metric) space, as a subspace of the function space [0,) ω. Several quasi-metric properties of the complexity space were obtained via the analysis of its dual.

We here show that the structure of a quasi-normed semilinear space provides a suitable setting to carry out an analysis of the dual complexity space. We show that if (E,) is a biBanach space (i.e., a quasi-normed space whose induced quasi-metric is bicomplete), then the function space (B*EB* ) is biBanach, where B*E = {f :   E  Σn=0 2-n( V ) }  and B* = Σn=0 2-n We deduce that the dual complexity space admits a structure of quasinormed semlinear space such that the induced quasi-metric space is order-convex, upper weightable and Smyth complete, not only in the case that this dual is a subspace of [0,)ω but also in the general case that it is a subspace of Fω where F is any biBanach normweightable space. We also prove that for a large class of dual complexity (sub)spaces, lower boundedness implies total boundedness. Finally, we investigate completeness of the quasi-metric of uniform convergence and of the Hausdorff quasi-pseudo-metric for the dual complexity space, in the context of function spaces and hyperspaces, respectively.


Complexity space; Quasi-norm; Quasi-metric; biBanach space; Smyth complete

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