Hausdorff compactifications and zero-one measures II


  • Georgi D. Dimov University of Sofia
  • Gino Tironi University of Trieste



Hausdorff compactifications, zero-one measures on Boolean algebras, Maximal spectrum of distributive lattices, Efremovic proximities, Wallman-type compactifications


The notion of PBS-sublattice is introduced and, using it, a simplification of the results of [6] and of some results of [5] is obtained. Two propositions concerning Wallman-type compactifications are presented as well.


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Author Biographies

Georgi D. Dimov, University of Sofia

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Blvd. J. Bourchier 51126 Soa, Bulgaria

Gino Tironi, University of Trieste

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Via A. Valerio 12/134127 Trieste, Italy


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G. D. Dimov and G. Tironi, “Hausdorff compactifications and zero-one measures II”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 1–11, Apr. 2002.



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