Finite approximation of stably compact spaces


  • M.B. Smyth Imperial College
  • J. Webster Imperial College



Stably compact space, Inverse limit, Upper space, (multi-) Function space, Linearly ordered space


Finite approximation of spaces by inverse sequences of graphs (in the category of so-called topological graphs) was introduced by Smyth, and developed further. The idea was subsequently taken up by Kopperman and Wilson, who developed their own purely topological approach using inverse spectra of finite T0-spaces in the category of stably compact spaces. Both approaches are, however, restricted to the approximation of (compact) Hausdorff spaces and therefore cannot accommodate, for example, the upper space and (multi-) function space constructions. We present a new method of finite approximation of stably compact spaces using finite stably compact graphs, which when the topology is discrete are simply finite directed graphs. As an extended example, illustrating the problems involved, we study (ordered spaces and) arcs.


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M.B. Smyth, Imperial College

Department of Computing

J. Webster, Imperial College

Department of Computing




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M. Smyth and J. Webster, “Finite approximation of stably compact spaces”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 197–223, Oct. 2002.



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