Quasi-pseudometric properties of the Nikodym-Saks space


  • Jesús Ferrer Universitat de València




Quasi-pseudometric space, Nikodym-Saks space


For a non-negative finite countably additive measure μ defined on the σ-field Σ of subsets of Ω, it is well known that a certain quotient of Σ can be turned into a complete metric space Σ (Ω), known as the Nikodym-Saks space, which yields such important results in Measure Theory and Functional Analysis as Vitali-Hahn-Saks and Nikodym's theorems. Here we study some topological properties of Σ (Ω) regarded as a quasi-pseudometric space.


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Author Biography

Jesús Ferrer, Universitat de València

Departamento de Analisis Matematico


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J. Ferrer, “Quasi-pseudometric properties of the Nikodym-Saks space”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 243–253, Oct. 2003.



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