Holonomy, extendibility, and the star universal cover of a topological groupoid


  • Osman Mucuk Erciyes University
  • Ilhan Icen Ínönü University




Locally topological groupoids, Holonomy groupoid, Extendibility


Let G be a groupoid and W be a subset of G which contains all the identities and has a topology. With some conditions on G and W, the pair (G;W) is called a locally topological groupoid. We explain a criterion for a locally topological groupoid to be extendible to a topological groupoid. In this paper we apply this result to get a topology on the monodromy groupoid MG which is the union of the universal covers of Gx's.


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Author Biographies

Osman Mucuk, Erciyes University

Department of Mathematics

Ilhan Icen, Ínönü University

Department of Mathematics


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O. Mucuk and I. Icen, “Holonomy, extendibility, and the star universal cover of a topological groupoid”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 79–89, Apr. 2003.



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