Dense Sδ-diagonals and linearly ordered extensions

Masami Hosobuchi


The notion of the Sδ-diagonal was introduced by H. R. Bennett to study the quasi-developability of linearly ordered spaces. In an earlier paper, we obtained a characterization of topological spaces with an Sδ-diagonal and we showed that the Sδ-diagonal property is stronger than the quasi-Gδ-diagonal -diagonal property. In this paper, we define a dense Sδ-diagonal of a space and show that two linearly ordered extensions of a generalized ordered space X have dense Sδ-diagonals if the sets of right and left looking points are countable.


Sδ-diagonal; Dense Sδ-diagonal; Linearly ordered space (LOTS); Generalized ordered space (GO-space); Linearly ordered extension

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