A countably compact free Abelian group whose size has countable cofinality

I. Castro Pereira, A.H. Tomita


Based on some set-theoretical observations, compactness results are given for general hit-and-miss hyperspaces. Compactness here is sometimes viewed splitting into “k-Lindelöfness” and ”k-compactness” for cardinals k. To focus only hit-and-miss structures, could look quite old-fashioned, but some importance, at least for the techniques, is given by a recent result of Som Naimpally, to who this article is hearty dedicated.


Forcing; Countably compact group; Convergence; Continuum Hypothesis; Countable cofinality; Size

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1. Countably compact topological group topologies on free Abelian groups from selective ultrafilters
Roberto E. Madariaga-Garcia, Artur Hideyuki Tomita
Topology and its Applications  vol: 154  issue: 7  first page: 1470  year: 2007  
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