On interpolative Hardy-Rogers type cyclic contractions





Hardy-Rogers, interpolation, fixed point, metric space


Recently, Karapınar introduced a new Hardy-Rogers type contractive mapping using the concept of interpolation and proved a fixed point theorem in complete metric space. This new type of mapping, called "interpolative Hardy-Rogers type contractive mapping" is a generalization of Hardy-Rogers's fixed point theorem. Following this direction of research, in this paper, we will present some fixed point results of Hardy-Rogers-type for cyclic mappings on complete metric spaces. Moreover, an example is given to illustrate the usability of the obtained results.


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Author Biographies

Mohamed Edraoui, University of Hassan II Casablanca

Laboratory of Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation, Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Ben M’Sik Faculty of Sciences

Amine El koufi, Université Ibn-Tofail

High School of Technology ; Lab of PDE’s, Algebra and spectral geometry, Faculty of Sciences

Mohamed Aamri, University of Hassan II Casablanca

Laboratory of Algebra, Analysis and Applications, Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Ben M’Sik Faculty of Sciences


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