Relative Collectionwise Normality


  • Eliser Grabner Slippery Rock University
  • Gary Grabner Slippery Rock University
  • Kazumi Miyazaki Osaka Elector-Communication University
  • Jamal Tartir Youngstown State University



Paracompact, Collectionwise normal, Relative topological properties


In this paper we study properties of relative collectionwise normality type based on relative properties of normality type introduced by Arhangel’skii and Genedi.

Theorem Suppose Y is strongly regular in the space X. If Y is paracompact in X then Y is collectionwise normal in X.

Example A T2 space X having a subspace which is 1− paracompact in X but not collectionwise normal in X.

Theorem Suppose that Y is s- regular in the space X. If Y is metacompact in X and strongly collectionwise normal in X then Y is paracompact in X.


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Author Biographies

Eliser Grabner, Slippery Rock University

Dept. Math.

Gary Grabner, Slippery Rock University

Dept. Math.

Kazumi Miyazaki, Osaka Elector-Communication University

Dept. Math.

Jamal Tartir, Youngstown State University

Dept. Math. and Stat.


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E. Grabner, G. Grabner, K. Miyazaki, and J. Tartir, “Relative Collectionwise Normality”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 199–212, Oct. 2004.



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