On some applications of fuzzy points

Maximilian Ganster, D. N. Georgiou, S. Jafari, S. P. Moshokoa


The notion of preopen sets play a very important role in General Topology and Fuzzy Topology. Preopen sets are also called nearly open and locally dense. The purpose of this paper is to give some applications of fuzzy points in fuzzy topological spaces. Moreover, in section 2 we offer some properties of fuzzy preclosed sets through the contribution of fuzzy points and we introduce new separation axioms in fuzzy topological spaces. Also using the notions of weak and strong fuzzy points, we investigate some properties related to the preclosure of such points, and also their impact on separation axioms. In section 3, using the notion of fuzzy points, we introduce and study the notions of fuzzy pre-upper limit, fuzzy pre-lower limit and fuzzy pre-limit. Finally in section 4, we introduce the fuzzy pre-continuous convergence on the set of fuzzy pre-continuous functions and give a characterization of the fuzzy pre-continuous convergence through the assistance of fuzzy pre-upper limit.


Fuzzy Topology; Fuzzy points; Fuzzy convergence; Fuzzy separation axioms; Fuzzy preopen sets

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1. Fuzzy δ∗-almost continuous and fuzzy δ∗-continuous functions in mixed fuzzy ideal topological spaces
Binod Chandra Tripathy, Gautam Chandra Ray
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