Weakly metrizable pseudocompact groups


  • Dikran Dikranjan Università di Udine
  • Anna Giordano Bruno Università di Udine
  • Chiara Milan Università di Udine




Pseudocompact group, Gδ-dense subgroup, Extremal pseudocompact group, Dense graph


We study various weaker versions of metrizability for pseudocompact abelian groups G: singularity (G possesses a compact metrizable subgroup of the form mG, m > 0), almost connectedness (G is metrizable modulo the connected component) and various versions of extremality in the sense of Comfort and co-authors (s-extremal, if G has no proper dense pseudocompact subgroups, r-extremal, if G admits no proper pseudocompact refinement). We introduce also weaklyextremal pseudocompact groups (weakening simultaneously s-extremal and r-extremal). It turns out that this “symmetric” version of ex-tremality has nice properties that restore the symmetry, to a certain extent, in the theory of extremal pseudocompact groups obtaining simpler uniform proofs of most of the known results. We characterize doubly extremal pseudocompact groups within the class of s-extremal pseudocompact groups. We give also a criterion for r-extremality for connected pseudocompact groups.


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Author Biographies

Dikran Dikranjan, Università di Udine

Dipartimento diMatematica e Informatica

Anna Giordano Bruno, Università di Udine

Dipartimento diMatematica e Informatica

Chiara Milan, Università di Udine

Dipartimento diMatematica e Informatica


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