Ćirić-generalized contraction via wt−distance





fixed point, Ćirić-generalized contraction, wt-distance, (ψ,Mp,l)-weakly contractive mappings


In this present paper, besides other things, we introduce the concept of Ćirić-generalized contractions via wt−distance and then we will prove some new fixed point results for these mappings, which generalize and improve fixed point theorems by L. B. Ćirić in [9, 8, 10] and also, B. E. Rhoades in [23]. Some examples illustrate usefulness of the new results. At the end, we will give some applications to nonlinear fractional differential equations.


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Author Biographies

Hosein Lakzian, Payame Noor University

Department of Mathematics

Darko Kocev, NLA University College

Department of Mathematics

Vladimir Rakočević , University of Nis

 Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics


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H. Lakzian, D. Kocev, and V. Rakočević, “Ćirić-generalized contraction via wt−distance”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 267–280, Oct. 2023.



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