Generalized independent families and dense sets of Box-Product spaces


  • Wanjun Hu Albany State University



Generalized independent family, Box product.


A generalization of independent families on a set S is introduced, based on which various topologies on S can be defined. In fact, the set S with any such topology is homeomorphic to a dense subset of the corresponding box product space (Theorem 2.2). From these results, a general version of the Hewitt-Marczewski-Pondiczery theorem for box product spaces can be established. For any uncountable regular cardinal θ, the existence of maximal generalized independent families with some simple conditions, and hence the existence of irresolvable dense subsets of θ-box product spaces of discrete spaces of small sizes, implies the consistency of the existence of measurable cardinal (Theorem 4.5).


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Author Biography

Wanjun Hu, Albany State University

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


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W. Hu, “Generalized independent families and dense sets of Box-Product spaces”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 203–209, Oct. 2006.



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