Fuzzy uniformities on function spaces

J.K. Kohli, A.R. Prasannan


We study several uniformities on a function space and show that the fuzzy topology associated with the fuzzy uniformity of uniform convergence is jointly fuzzy continuous on Cf (X, Y ) ,the collection of all fuzzy continuous functions from a fuzzy topological space X into a fuzzy uniform space Y . We define fuzzy uniformity of uniform convergence on starplus-compacta and show that its corresponding fuzzy topology is the starplus-compact open fuzzy topology. Moreover, we introduce the notion of fuzzy equicontinuity and fuzzy uniform equicontinuity on fuzzy subsets of a function space and study their properties.


Starplus-compact open fuzzy topology; Fuzzy uniformity of uniform convergence; Jointly fuzzy continuous fuzzy topology; Fuzzy uniformity of uniform convergence on starplus-compacta; Fuzzy equicontinuity; Fuzzy uniform equicontinuity

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1. Locally Starplus-Compactness in L-Topological Spaces
A. R. Prasannan
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