Fixed points of set-valued mappings in Menger probabilistic metric spaces endowed with an amorphous binary relation




fixed point, set-valued mapping, Bernstein operator


In this paper, we prove the existence of fixed point results for set-valued mappings in Menger probabilistic metric spaces equipped with an amorphous binary relation and a Hadžić -type t-norm. For the usability of such findings we present a Kelisky-Rivlin type result for a class of Bernstein type special operators introduced by Deo et. al. [Appl. Math. Comput. 201, (2008), 604-612 ] on the space C([ 0, n/n+1]). In this way, these investigations extend, modify and generalize some prominent recent fixed point results of the existing literature.


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Author Biographies

Gopi Prasad, Dr. Shivanand Nautiyal Government Post Graduate College

Department of Mathematics

Sheetal Deshwal, Dr. Shivanand Nautiyal Government Post Graduate College

Department of Mathematics

Rupesh K. Srivastav, Dr. Shivanand Nautiyal Government Post Graduate College

Department of Mathematics


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G. Prasad, S. Deshwal, and R. K. Srivastav, “Fixed points of set-valued mappings in Menger probabilistic metric spaces endowed with an amorphous binary relation”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 307–322, Oct. 2023.



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